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Gamification + Nonprofits

You will experience gamified learning – a fun, crazy, engaging experience (how we all learn best).

Philanthropy + Innovation

We’re an EdTech company that provides innovative and unique educational courses and experiences for nonprofits.

Us + You

Put yourself in a life-changing, hands-on environment that sharpens your knowledge and builds new skills.




Learners who listen to lectures or read information retain only 5% and 10% (respectively) of the information presented. Learners who engage in the Change Lab method of interactive learning retain 75% of information.


According to the Institute of Coaching, 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.

Educational Model

Change Lab is incorporating years of research done in the gamification model to harness the motivational power of games and apply it to real-world problems (Lee, J.J. & Hammer, J. 2011).

There's something new innovative interesting fun happening here.

We have invested years into developing highly engaging learning experiences that beckon you through the how and why. It’s the real-life practice that can prepare you for greater success. 

Begin your course journey with us below! 

With in-depth knowledge from seasoned experts, we have developed our curriculum.  If you’d like something personalized, just email us at info@yourchangelab.com




Major Gifts Part 1

Here we go. This is the meat and potatoes about understanding pretty much everything about what major gifts for an org is all about. It's gamified! You get to identify, nurture, and make an ask. You’re allowed to take each of the five game segments up to three times. (Approx. 10-hr course)

Major Gifts Part 2 (Coming Fall 2022)

Here you will learn to understand where to place individuals from your own portfolio and construct a detailed strategy for each– because, after all, not everyone is the same. Oh, and of course – practice interacting with them. Don't miss out on this gamified experience!

Grassroots Fundraising (Coming January 2023)

Work for a small organization? Here's where you can practice with some of your toughest challenges. We already have a Boston-based team organizing and planning for this great endeavor. We're still finishing up the game interactivity, stay tuned!
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Coming Summer 2022)

We are cooking up something important to add to the conversation. We know this topic is hard to navigate for non-profits. This matters to us and we know it matters to you. We will be offering an interactive self-evaluation and an information clearing house to keep learning.
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Board Development (Coming Soon)

One of the most important parts of making your nonprofit successful is the commitment and substance of your board of directors. We are working to partner on information and ways of giving you an exciting experience as you learn what being an excellent board member is all about.
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Live Major Gifts Training

Think we forgot about how good live training is, especially when we do it all gamified? It's pretty exciting. Problem was it didn't scale it. It's only for a maximum group of 20 and requires two full days. It's worth it! Pretty wow experience.
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Don't Think This is the End!

More courses coming soon...

Watch this space!

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Check out what else the coaches have cooked up!


And now 

Manager Development Program

This program is designed to work with individuals to meet them where they are now - whether you are an experienced manager or a new manager, here you will learn best practices and build a new skillset.

Who better than a coach to bring you fresh insights and a way to integrate them into your unique style?

We offer personalized coaching-based learning opportunities in developing resiliency, growing as a manager, and accessing your best self through       coach-facilitated peer groups. Keep scrolling to see our full coaching opportunities or click here. 

Coming Soon

Better Group Performance

Ever wonder how you are going to get better results from a team? It's not easy getting the time and attention needed. So, as luck would have it, one of our coaches, Ashley Marshall, is now offering a pretty incredible course.

Elements of Resiliency

Pace, uncertainty, and instability are certainly the norms of today. Learning and using resiliency in your work life is a crucial investment. Thankfully, coaches Jan Bouch and Karen Flynn, have designed a course to help you navigate this rocky road.

And now Check Out What the



While coaching is well known in the areas of sports, politics and in the executive suite, coaching is now widely available to people at all levels regardless of their chosen career. We carefully select our coaches based on their coaching training and experience, and also on their life experience.  

A coach helps the coachee explore their options and resources, and supports them in their intent to take action – and may become their accountability partner!  

Of course, if you just want help figuring out which coach might be a good fit for you – or you really wanted a particular coach who just isn’t available – reach out to our Director of Coaching to discuss. There to help you, any time.

Psss. Regardless of their years of experience, our coaches are all trained in, and deeply aware of, the Change Lab approach to learning and are strong nonprofit partners

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Our coaches also have substantial experience in other professional areas. They are all people who, through work or life experience, have discovered that they are only truly fulfilled when they are helping others find fulfillment in their lives.


We only engage coaches who have demonstrated a commitment to strong ethics, extensive training, experience, and ongoing professional development.


Our coaches are expert in helping people, like you, overcome self-limiting beliefs and habits that are no longer effective.
Meet Our Coaches


to our amazing and dedicated interns and volunteers who art directed, created animations and characters, built out the game design and virtual realities, the back-of-the-house engineering, and oversaw the game development aspect. Through them, the Change Lab story has come alive.

Isabel Aldana . Derek Alden . Paola Amado . Natalie Anderson . Meredith Baldwin . Ruth Baraz . Tahoe Bautista . Derick Blandon . Abigail Bokun . Katie Bradshaw . Nadia Bukhari . Veronica Callozzo . Ivana Carbajal . Luis Carrasco . Kevin Caton-Largent . Andy Chang . Sam Chau . Zen Shane Chia . Moore Clayton . Nathan Clune . Andrew Cook . Alexander Cowel . Colombe “Coco” Dargnies . Dexter Delandro . Sara Noelle Delgado . Nathan Dias . Yiming (Yvettee) Ding . Shea Donato . Jet Doye . Sophia Duff . Brandon Edmonds . Riley Egan . Francisco Encisco . Casey Gatlin . Maryellan Gleason . Geoff Godwin . Devon Graham . Erin Gruenwedel . Eric (Runze) Guo . Shirlyey Guo . Nathan Hales . Adriana Hernanadez . Alejandro Hernandez-Romero . Mathieu Hoarau . Valerie Jardine . Derek Jean . Joy Jiao . Karen Jimenez . Micah Jordan . Jaleska Johnson . Kristina Judy . Ashlye Kaczmarek . Pranav Kallem . Ayesha Kapoor . Om Kapoor . Garret Kato . Erik Khong . Jonathan Kim . Sean Kim . Kalye Kizior . Laura Kline . Joseph Korma . Clark Kringel . Michael Levasseur . Viv Li . Ethan Liang . Sung0chu Liao . Ed Lin . Scott Lindsey . Conor Longdem . Kevin Ludlam . Elias Lumarda . Tony Mak . Aman Manan . Raven Maxwell . Delaney McCallum . Cary McCool .  Madeline Meek . Justen Minamitani . Jasmine Miranda . Andrew Moe . Dylan Mowat . Jonathan Mulyadi . Yeni Nguyen . Qetsia Nkulu . Zane Noorani . Carlos Placentia . Emma Polidori . Zoe Prescott . Sasha Preston-Suni . Purvi Rami . Carissa Renard . Camila Riveria . George Rudenauer . Joey Russel . Matthew Sandfrey . Albert Sapurta . Cameron Schiff . Adam Shapiro . William Shaw . Kain Shepard . Elliot Shin . Chloe Son . Chad Spiegel . Michael (Trey) Starshak . Seika Tampi . Abhijit Tawde . Lizzie Teichner . Allison Terry . Justin Terry . Yeng Kong Thao . Adity Tiwari . Celine Tran . Denise Uribe . Peter Velasquez . Jake Velicer . Patrick Villegas . Bryce Wallace . Hannah Warlick . Vincent Wells . Matt Wheeler . Nathan Williams . Ruichuan Xu . Stella Xu . Ramos Yajaira . Brian Yang . Abu Yasen . Esther Yoo . Eliza Young . Elizabeth Young . Chris Zapata . Zhihui (Sira) Zhang . Yilia Zhao . Kelly Zhou . David Zhu . Andy Moe . Marissa Manley . YiKai Liao . Sophie Andersen . Joshua Grothem . Ernesto Portillo .

We better thank these folks too.

And, such grateful thanks to the team of colleagues who first got us started talking about how to make better educational programming for nonprofits. We owe them everything!

Thank you!

See you in the inbox.  Stay tuned for more news from ChangeLab.

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