Fall 2021

Coming This Fall…

Yes, we are all emerging from our Covid cocoons and many (too, too many) have lost treasured people within our families and among our friends, but somehow one day we begin to feel the warmth of the sun and the prospect of meeting friends again. Sharing and casting off our heavy cords of despair. Here we are.
Somehow in all of that, this little amazing band of nonprofit compatriots has kept cooking, noshing and working on our vision for an educational track that can bring gamified, immersive learning to the nonprofit world. We are starting with the first course on major gifts fundraising, as that’s seriously at our team core, but there is a yummy menu of much more coming.
Right now, we are finishing up three virtual realities that we’re pretty excited about. They will show someone what it might feel like to do a tour around a space yet to be built, but, of course, with Covid, we now have interested supporters for our organizations that are reluctant to come anywhere live at the moment still and experiencing any space virtually is an exciting offering. And, of course, we can customize to the n’th degree. Got that down…

Wait till you see them!

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Interview with Garen Staglin

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The Cognitive Aspects of Gamified Learning

Qetsia Nkulu was an intern that we had the pleasure of working with during Fall Quarter 2021. Check out this paper she wrote about her time at Change Lab and the significance of gamified learning in today’s day and age!

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