Announcing Change Lab®’s new podcast “Agents of Change”

Change Lab’s “Agents of Change” new six-part podcast, co-hosted by Ed Lin and Nancy Brimhall, offers some pretty amazing conversations about what people have done to push the dial forward in many different sectors.
The journeys to innovation and the power of a pioneering spirit, have brought new ways of thinking, new products, and the recognition of how change has made our shared world better.

With guest speakers like Hall of Fame member and Paralympian, Candace Cable, LA Times featured woodworker and a new voice in the death positive movement, CC Boyce, award-winning game designer/storyteller John Zuur Platten, international champion of rights-based aid and former President of Oxfam America, Ray Offenheiser, the series seeks will bring you into some spell-bindingly intimate conversations with people at the forefront of change. Their work significantly impacts us all.

You can find Change Lab’s Agents of Change wherever you listen to podcasts – SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple or IHeartRadio.

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