Change Lab began through the lens and learning experiences of a team of development professionals in Boston and California.


Innovation in nonprofit education for the greater good.


Through games, bring technology to nonprofit learning with dynamic results


• Empower yourself to turn crazy ideas into crazy impact • Team dedication worthy of your time • Commitment to high standards • Work as a team and celebrate the individual • Improve yourself and benefit others



Change Lab™ is an EdTech company that provides innovative and unique educational courses and experiences for the nonprofit industry.  The concept began in earnest in 2016 through the lens and learning experiences of a team of development professionals in Boston and California, to whom I will forever be grateful.  All I knew was that I wanted everyone to love fundraising as much as I did. 

We took our many years of experience and brought forward what our shared learning has told us: creating better fundraising and management outcomes for nonprofit organizations requires better education (that actually sticks).

Change Lab is designed to re-cast the net and gather those pearls of learning that will make all the difference to nonprofit work or volunteer life. It’s that simple. The courses and experiences bring technology and gamification to an exploding nonprofit world where we teach by doing, not by telling.

In the early days we sat around my dining room table and enjoyed lunches on the terrace in the LA sun. We then moved into the converted garage (a la Steve Jobs) and when we outgrew that pretty divine space, I sold the house and moved into a downtown work/live loft.  We soon filled that up and after two years of meeting people as I was coming out of the shower, we rented an open space with a cool, industrial vibe.  Soon we filled that up and moved a few blocks away into the fashion district where we are today.  Our story will launch in mid 2022 when we bring our first course online.  Pretty thrilling.

Nancy Brimhall


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