Albert Saputra

Albert Saputra, Lead Engineer

A full stack software engineer, Saputra has honed his skills in developing game applications and working with teams to adopt new technologies. He holds a BA in Industrial Engineering and a Masters in Management from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, as well as an Associate Degree, Software Engineer from Hack Reactor Software Engineering Immersive in Los Angeles, CA. He joined Nexans in China, first as 2014 management trainee, and then assuming a position as a market research leader, establishing partnerships with suppliers and bringing in new market segments.

He continued as a finance business partner for Nexans in Yanggu and then in Shanghai as a Project Manager for Account Receivables, completing his tenure by designing standard business financial reports for a new business line and monitoring tools for key financial data. He analyzed and advised senior management on strategy and profitability and provided calculations of company valuation on M & A activity. He has a passion for making people’s lives better and truly lives what he says.

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