Better Group Performance

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Better Group Performance

Ever wonder how you are going to get better results from your team? It’s not easy getting the time and attention needed to dig into organizing group outcomes and hold individuals accountable for their own performance against the group goals.

It’s one of the greatest challenges for any nonprofit team.

So, as luck would have it, one of our coaches, Ashley Marshall, is now offering a pretty incredible course that will dig into how to make teams want to perform at their highest level, and show you what the steps to doing that really are.

About the Program

In this live virtual course with Ashley, you will:

  • Learn how to break complex tasks into steps
  • Find what it takes to really plan and manage time
  • Make sure that everyone really understands assignments
  • Take up the how and why of giving and receiving performance feedback
  • See where you can challenge team assumptions
  • And, come out the other end with much stronger communication skills

Ashley reminds us that the course will cover some other things that make decision-making a smoother row to hoe. 

Such as:

  • When we grow trust with a group, we will express ideas in a safe place and hear more alternatives from the team, allowing for more confident decisions that just work better
  • We learn how to hold ourselves accountable to the group and make commitments in a group setting that make for better team interactions and respect
  • Personal and professional growth seems to be a pretty solid outcome of making teams work better and people stretch to grow and learn
  • Teams that work well really bring people together and alleviate the sense of isolation that so many of us have experienced when our teams just don’t work
  • And, when change does move in, a high functioning team can better prepare and accommodate changing environments with more success
  • Sure, and teams that work well together are just more fun. You want to attend, you like participating, and you feel welcomed and happy. You laugh. Why not. You’re having fun and feeling valued.

Q: How often do we meet?

A: 2 hours 2 x per month x 3 months

Q: How many can participate?

A: Up to 12

Thank you!

See you in the inbox.  Stay tuned for more news from ChangeLab.

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