Board Development

Yes, we know that the cornerstone of any nonprofit is the strength of its board of directors. Many of us have served on boards and worked closely with them as staff members and community volunteers. We know of what we speak and when we felt out of our league, we brought in more board members to help us think through what we needed to offer a board member as they experience what their responsibilities and opportunities entail.

It’s really that simple. Here’s the meat, the potatoes and the dessert that will make a difference. (Yes, ok, we know we should think about vegetable terms, as some of us are vegetarians and vegans, but it just didn’t feel the same with “the Spinach, the Cauliflower and Black Bean Brownies.)

And, sure we will be happy to send you the Black Bean Brownie recipe if you want it. It’s wonderfully delicious.

Anyways, you get our point. We know the core of how successful boards operate and the dessert – any dessert – is all about the aspirations of great boards!

It’s a conversation and an unrivaled education training.

Thank you!

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