Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)


As we all try to make sure our workplaces are engaging and energizing for our teams, we also want to be committed to making sure they are inclusive of all disabilities, nationalities, ages, races, and gender identification. 

We thought of some ways that we could offer conversation, information and learning to increase understanding and awareness. So, we put the creative team on the task and violà! 

About the Program

We created a literal and figurative journey that takes you through understanding your implicit biases (we all have them). Upon learning them, we welcome you into a world where we have some resources to help you become more aware. Here you will keep track of where you might be in a perfect world of understanding and non-bias. How are you moving along your own personal journey?

It’s all free. And, we’re proud that we could offer something that we care about and hope you will enjoy. We encourage you to start your journey of growth!

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