Elements of Resiliency

Elements of Resiliency

Pace, uncertainty, and instability are certainly the norms of today. Learning and using resiliency in your work life (and life) is a crucial investment necessary to manage and sustain our work outcomes and our desired quality of life.

Thankfully, coaches Jan Bouch and Karen Flynn, have designed a course to help you navigate this rocky road. 

The course is especially designed for nonprofits and the experiences you encounter. It will give you a framework for managing resiliency by teaching skills, and the often illusive, but vital, ability to adapt.

Here, you will learn what it takes to actually be resilient. How do you demonstrate calmness, learn to adopt flexibility, and what it takes to find strategies that will help you manage stressors.

About the Program

Think we’ve got you pegged and you can’t believe we are talking about what is making you feel the pressures of your job so acutely? Well, that’s because we are offering access to pretty much the best of the best coaches and, together, they have been carefully building the course and are now ready to share the silence of the resilience, what techniques work and how to apply them.

No matter who you are, how important your job is, how much you are trying, how highly trained you are, how much you think you already know, you will walk away from this coaching course recognizing that it all starts with self-care. To become more, one must begin from the inside out. Peel back the layers with Wendy and Karen and see the difference. Resiliency emerges.

Course: 1 hour x 3 sessions or 1.5 hours x 2 sessions

Thank you!

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