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Why Gamification?

According to data from the National Training Institute, retention of information acquired through reading and videos is just 10%, but 75% for learning through interactive engagement.  This is our learning model, gamifying lessons to make them more visceral, realistic and sticky.

People like to play games because they are fun and challenging: gamified lessons.

We give players the chance to apply their new knowledge and learn from their mistakes in a safe environment, improving problem-solving, creativity, risk assessment, and risk-taking competencies.

About Our Courses

Whether you are a volunteer, committee or board member, staff member, CEO, international NGO worker, whether you work for a corporate foundation, community or private foundation, or are just curious about the nonprofit sector, these courses cover the fundamentals of nonprofit fundraising in a way that will keep you engaged, regardless your level of experience, and will hone skills essential in all types of work.  We have fundraising at our core, but have lots more to suit you.

Our courses are all designed to engage in at your own speed! No problem.  It’s all about the fun experience of learning.

Yes.  You can start and stop whenever you want. The course is designed for you!

No, the lessons are accessed via your computer, tablet, smart phone or other internet device equipped with an internet connection and a web browser.

All you need is a mouse and keyboard connected to a computer, tablet, smart phone or other device equipped with an internet connection and a web browser.

Major Gifts Part 1

 It is a truly fun, comprehensive, interactive overview that drills-down into key skills.  Even if you think you have all the concepts down, this course ties them all together. Want to be better at major gifts?  Want to know how to really think about organizing your effort as a volunteer or a staff member?  Check out the teaser (and, what users have to say).


All programs start with a goal setting conversation and end with a results conversation, so that you can measure progress. A six-session series will thus have four content sessions, and a ten-session series will have eight content sessions.

We offer the six-session series as an introductory program, allowing you the opportunity to experience a coaching relationship and the impact that coaching can have. 

Some people find that six sessions provide sufficient insight and that they feel equipped to move forward without additional coaching at this time. That’s up to you

However, a longer coaching relationship will yield more sustained change. If we think of the sports analogy, a coach doesn’t work with an athlete for a few games, they work with an athlete for a whole season.

All of our coaches are members of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and are committed to their code of ethics.

ICF offers accreditation programs for coaches, all of which reflect extensive training, ongoing professional development, and experience:

  • ACC Associate Credited Coach – has 100+ hrs experience
  • PCC Professional Credited Coach – has 500+ hrs
  • MCC Master Professional Credited Coach – has 2,500+ hrs

Other acronyms you might see will relate to academic degrees, or the particular program in which the coach did their training. Your coach, or the Director of Coaching, can answer any specific questions for you.

There is no charge if you reschedule 48 hours or more ahead; simply change your calendar appointment online. If less than 48 hours, your scheduled session is considered “active” and your fee for that session would be forfeited.

The coaches actual time zone is, of course, noted as you will see in their bios, representing strong international coverage.  When you schedule your time, Calendly will automatically adjust to your own time zone when you schedule your time.

Though we never expect that to happen, please immediately reach out to our Director of Coaching, for any re-assignment and feedback.

You are welcome to place your sessions on hold for up to six months after you sign up at which time you can resume/begin scheduling with your coach again or a new coach. Please contact our Director of Coaching who will assist you.  We do not provide refunds.

That is between you and your employer, of course. Your employer may transfer credit for unused sessions to another employee (you are always welcome to continue on your own if they do) or they may agree to allow you to complete the series.

Unfortunately, no, but see above as you may just want to bank your time for up to six months and come back to finish later.

Manager Development Program

Both!  New managers report that this program provided an excellent foundation upon which to build their skills and that it increased their confidence level.  Experienced managers report that “the way I’ve always done things was no longer working”.  Agreed! Today’s workforce is often unresponsive to yesterday’s management techniques.  

This program addresses managing today’s workforce.  This is a special opportunity, offered solely by our current Director of Coaching, Wendy Bruce, who has many years of experience as both a manager and as an HR Professional.   She can certainly answer any specific questions you might have.

While you are encouraged to review the online materials Wendy utilizes in sequence because they build upon each other, she is always committed to providing what you need, today.  Part of the manager program includes ad hoc access to her, between scheduled sessions, to ensure you have all the support you need, at no additional cost. 

Thank you!

See you in the inbox.  Stay tuned for more news from ChangeLab.

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