Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

We have always felt that what often stops us from being successful in our nonprofit work are those nagging things that we just don’t seem to be able to solve – the difficult coworker, the boss who just doesn’t give us enough time nor really explain what they are looking for from us. Maybe it’s our first chance at being a supervisor and the team is driving us crazy and we just don’t know how to get on top of it.

Or… the board member who is loading us up with requests, when we already have a full plate, or, if you’re the coworker, boss, or board member maybe you feel that the organization team just doesn’t get it and aren’t capturing the organization’s vision that you feel you were recruited to make happen.

Yup, it’s a lot for any of us to  overcome alone. On top of that, now the pressure is on to raise more and more money or push the organization to the next level with new ideas and new partnerships and… wow, it’s a lot.

About the Program

So, we sat around having this kind of conversation one day and said “well, we need some great coaches that will help everyone find their way in this maze and really begin to see themselves and their organization for what it is and how issues can be resolved.” As a final barrier to learning, we know it’s critical to your success.

In this live virtual coaching, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to talk with each coach for an initial 15 minutes as you explore where you might find a fit
  • You can choose six or ten coaching sessions, with whichever coach you prefer
  • If you decide you really want an additional one or two sessions, we’ve got you covered with an “Add On” option

You will find much more about our coaching program as you scroll through, but the one thing that is ever present is that our coaching team is extraordinarily good at getting you through the maze. You’ll see. Try out a few conversations, meet them virtually and start the journey that makes a difference!

Thank you!

See you in the inbox.  Stay tuned for more news from ChangeLab.

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