Major Gifts Part 1

Major Gifts Part 1

Here we go. This is the meat and potatoes about understanding pretty much everything about what major gifts for an org is all about. You get to identify, nurture, and make an ask. You’re allowed to take each of the five game segments up to three times.

Buzzing for Donors

Find potential donors through gathering hints and information that will help you understand what makes the best prospect. As we begin the course, this bee gathering exercise is full of great places to look for prospective donors which will help inform your thinking and your success in building up your organizational-base.

Major Donor Roundtable

Here you will select the individuals to help you understand more about a prospect. Delve deep into thinking about who would have the best information. Like a boss of ours once said, "You can't make decisions by staring at your own bellybutton".

Cultivating Donors

Navigate interactions with three donor prospects in order to maximize your connection with them. Cultivate the relationship through attending various events and activities like beach clean-ups, art shows, and even an escape room!

How to Ask?

Now you're ready to ask! This is an amazing place to be. You'll have many opportunities to practice matching your decisions to the prospective donors' reactions. Play your cards right, and you'll have yourself a donor.

Keeping Donors Engaged

So once you get the gift commitment, you have just begun! Practice your skills in maintaining multiple donors. Try a few, and find your way to a lifetime, engaged donor.

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