John Zuur Platten

John Zuur Platten has a critical role to play in overseeing the technical and game design team, ensuring quality and execution. He has over 30 years as a game designer of some of the most successful games on the market. Most recently, he was creative director at Google’s Niantic Labs, which makes Pokemon Go and Ingress. He has written and designed over sixty projects for every major publisher and studio, including: HAWx2, Apache Air Assault, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Ghostbusters, F.E.A.R.2: Project Origin, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Escape from Butchere Bay and Dark Athena (Chronicles of Riddick saga) and Wheelman. With extensive experience in the industry he can claim to know the scope of what is currently trending and what works and what doesn’t. His book, The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design has remained a top seller on Amazon since its release.

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