Karen Flynn

Karen Flynn, ACC

Performance Coach:  Clarity | Confidence | Mindset | Resilience

My work as a coach is to improve your performance, thus making your life better. I do this by helping you to achieve all that you want to be – both personally and in your professional volunteer role, as these paths are intricately interwoven.

Through heightened awareness of your strengths, learning to deepen your focus and commitment to longer-term goals, and with insightful tools, we explore your creativity and resourcefulness to achieve greater success through empowerment.

Our work together enables you to discover unique perspectives, and to see self-limiting behaviors clearly so that you find clarity and new direction. Together we develop consistent and actionable steps, as well as identify brave new goals and innovative tools to inspire you to move forward.

With over 22 years in international business, including nonprofits and specializing in communications, I bring a unique range of experience to coaching. I am a champion and advocate for living your best life and I bring curiosity and passion to help you discover your journey for a more masterful awareness of what’s possible.

Languages:  English

Based in: Vancouver, Canada

Time zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)/ Pacific Time (PT)

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