Kathleen St. Theuring

Kathleen St. Theuring


I am so glad you found your way here. My name is Kathleen Stender-Theuring. I am German, living with my  husband and three-year-old daughter in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. I am on a mission to create  compassion and community in the world, and strongly believe that communication is key for individual,  community and organizational happiness and success. So let’s have a compassionate conversation and start from there. 



My professional background 

I have +15 years leadership experience in internal and external communication – mainly with start-ups and  enterprises in the profit and non-profit sector. I always loved the very special atmosphere when a small group of  enthusiastic people comes together to work towards a common goal. Though keeping up the team spirit while  working effectively towards your ambitious goals is a huge challenge. I have learned that implementing open and compassionate communication at an early stage, can be a game changer for ongoing success. Today I am a trained Co-Active Coach and Community Mediator. I have over 200 hours of professional training  and more than 100 hours of coaching experience under my belt. I partner with individuals as well as teams and  groups to compassionately create their lives, teams, businesses, communities and organizations.  In the early months of 2020, I co-founded the coaching collective Expand Your Mindset as a way to bring  coaching services to communities suffering from the negative social and economic impacts of the Covid-19  pandemic. Today “Expand Your Mindset” aims to empower and uplift individuals and groups through unique  experiential workshops and coaching experiences. 

My private life 

I have been through many transitions in my life. As a child I transitioned from living in socialism to living in  capitalism. As an adult I transitioned from working in the profit sector – to the non-profit sector – to having my  own business. I lived in three different countries. And I struggled a lot with becoming a mum three years ago. I  learned to cherish these passages of life as opportunity to re-inventing myself and creating a fulfilling life. In my free time I enjoy RV-traveling, yoga, dancing, hiking, snow sports as well as crafting and painting with my  daughter. 

For what I stand 

As Co-Active Coach and human being I stand for compassion versus ego, perspectives versus ideology,  agreements versus expectations, embodiment versus overthinking, as well as joy and adventure in every day life.


Based in: Germany

Time zone: Central European Time (CET)

Thank you!

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