Live Major Gifts Training

Live Major Gifts Training

Here you will experience how games can make a difference in our live learning as well. You will spend two days completely immersed in understanding how donor’s view their decision-making and why.  And… how you can better compete for their investment in your organization. You’ll see, firsthand, how your organization compares.  That exercise is a definite wow moment. 

In two days, you will open your eyes to how to focus your approach to major gifts. Donor-centric major gifts suddenly become very real.

Day 1 – Brain Planes

Shhh, we’re not going to completely tell you how this works (we like to have surprises) BUT here’s the goal – you will learn that in order to really understand all options, whether it’s a business problem, a motivation, or a donor, you’re much better off remembering to ask others for help and intel. Together you are stronger.  Or, as one of our colleagues says, “you cannot make decisions by staring at your own belly button.” (Shout out to Susan Galler.)

Oh, and listening skills are always on display.  You’ll hear from someone that can tell you about what has already been tried, “Let me tell you a little bit about the early days.  We once had a pack of llamas…”

Oh, oops, forgot to tell you this part, before you begin you are also told that you need to select three people from the assembled group that you can be in close communication with to help you with this game.  This will enhance your outcome, as colleagues always do.  

Nope, not telling you about the rest. It’s a journey of understanding and practice. 

Ok, well, one more thing.  Later on, we play with some fake money as if it were our own (nothing better than that.)  One of our team members keeps telling us not to use photocopies of real money (got it), so we’ve made some of our own money (nothing better than that.)

Day 2 

Scout-A-Bout is a phrase we use when we offer you the opportunity to bring in your own portfolio of up to 25 donor prospects (we send you a profile sample format ahead of time so you can come prepared).

As you learn to categorize and place them in appropriate places, based on their level of affiliation with your organization, you will start to learn more about how to think about who these prospects really are. We like to call this “the thinking game.”

From there, all kinds of thinking happens until you have gained agreement and focus on where to move your prospects forward. Violà a strategy for each.

Then, we help you understand how to set up a system to track your success and understand where your whole portfolio is in the overall picture of your major gifts efforts. 

Now, you can better communicate “what is happening with major gifts.” The often, unanswerable question. Now you know.

Two days (we come to you, or you can come to us)

Maximum 20 Participants

Thank you!

See you in the inbox.  Stay tuned for more news from ChangeLab.

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