Michael Mahy

Michael Mahy, CPCC, ACC

I am a Confidence Coach/Overwhelm Coach helping professionals to regain purpose, clarity and confidence in their personal and professional lives.

As a coach, I bring an understanding carved from a life where I lost my home, my identity and my purpose and had to start over by the time I was 40. Having grown up in Barbados, where I spent 25 yrs living with purpose and connected to everything I loved:  adventure, the interweavings of people and nature, and building a strong family scuba diving business.

As a dive instructor, I discovered my own innate skill at helping people to overcome fear, create self belief, and build confidence, so they could “do it scared and the fulfillment will come!”️  The ultimate gift I found from leaving it all behind was that it brought me to executive coaching, where I discovered that empathy, compassion, and standing for and standing with people, had merit and many rewards for them and for me. 

My work with professionals struggling with feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, with the weight of procrastination, lack of motivation and a desire to give it all up, only makes me more challenged to find the path ahead with them that achieves the successes they seek. Together, we will find your set of tools and habits that you can put to use that will bring you toward awareness, growth, and impact. Become unstoppable!

Language: English

Based in: England

Time zone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

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