Virtual Reality Experiences

We’ve got ourselves very interested in showing what it feels like to take a potential or current donor through a space that perhaps isn’t even built yet. With all that we have learned from the pandemic, regarding adapting to new ways of communicating, we know that being virtual is pretty fascinating. We have even figured out how to love it!

As you scroll through the three samples (and free to click and view with your Occulus) virtual reality experiences, you will see what we mean. It’s an interesting and fun experience that is a serious added plus to your organization’s donor communication and an excellent show and tell.

Ok, enough said. Just check it out, and you’ll see.

(By the way, we can create anything you want specialized for your organization. Just reach out here.)


Art Museum

Experience taking your prospective donor through the Lumarda Arts Museum, where you will stroll through several gallery choices and meet real artists virtually as they talk about their work and share more of their inspirations.

When you get to the gift shop you will have a chance to talk with two real jewelry designers who appear virtually to share their own inspirations and design choice.

Walk around on the landscaped exterior admiring several outdoor sculptors and have a moment to relax in this very special virtual place It could be your museum to come! The inspiration is yours to enjoy and to share with a potential donor who could make so much happen for your museum as they become inspired as well!

Music School

The Sandfrey School of Music is one of our favorite virtual reality experiences. First of all, because we love music, and it was a joy to work on, and secondly, because it showcases some really interesting things you can do. 

It also has a musical treat for you to hear. For instance, as you focus on the piano, it will play a Beethoven piece we all know and love (da ta da dum…), along with a stunning viola. 

Both so melodious you will find it hard to imagine you are not there in person. Things happen, what can we say?


Community College

As you stroll through the proposed new wing of the Fairbanks Community College you will see an open courtyard where students have a chance to eat from a café that sources its delicious ingredients form the organic garden enclosure just outside, designed by the talented Jeff Dawson (he once designed the organic garden for Steven Job.)

You will meet Jeff (virtually) and walk with him around the garden as he shares more about why he planted and what he did and how it can be used in the café menu. Pretty great.

Next you can walk into the chemistry lab and talk with the professor as she shares why the chem lab is so important to the curriculum at the college.

You get the idea, and so will your prospective donor. It’s a true opportunity for them to really want to help and be recognized for their support!


Thank you!

See you in the inbox.  Stay tuned for more news from ChangeLab.

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